Science bends to social science

Science is never objective. It passes through a system of checks and balances by authority and the mob to come out. If a discovery doesn’t pass through these checks, it never sees the light of the day. Ideally one would expect scientific research to be devoid of social constructs, just cold hard facts. We have progressed better than other species because of facing difficult facts. Let’s look at a few cases where civil constructs have dictated science:

  1. There are two theories, interbreeding theory and replacement theory, to explain modern humans, us 1. According to the interbreeding theory , when Homo Sapiens spread into Neanderthal lands, Sapiens bred with Neanderthals until the two populations merged. According to the replacement theory , Sapiens replaced all the previous human populations in a mass genocide without merging with them. For a long time, the repacement theory was the accepted theory, for two reasons - there was very little to no evidence for interbreeding theory, and, interbreeding theory opens up a pandoras box for racial superiority. Some might start comparing gene percentage to rank people. While this is bad, this should not be a deterrant to research more on interbreeding theory, until there is solid evidence to reject it. In 2010, a few researchers were able to find that 2% of DNA of modern populations in Europe and Asia is Neanderthal DNA. This feels like breakthrough moment in the field, but hardly reached the mainstream. Also, 6% of modern Melanesians and Aboriginal Australians came from Denisovan ancestors. The interbreeding theory is hence not completely wrong, different races are just a teeny tiny bit different.

  2. Covid-19 lab leak theory. This is the most dynamite theory of current times. The possibilty that Covid-19 virus might have been leaked from a lab in Wuhan had been, until now, rejected as a fringe theory. The fact that this was first raised by the most controversial figure of modern times did not help. But today, a bunch of independent researchers, some anonymous, have gathered proof enough to not discard the lab leak theory 2. Imagine how much we would have progressed if there was a co-ordinated effort between the scientific community, backed by governments. Some countries would not be happy, but do we not have the right to know what killed our loved ones and how it started ? Also, we learn that any theory supported by someone considered outcast by the mob (the woke liberal mob in this case) is going to be refused. How bad is that ? Update: Scientists are now changing their minds on lab leak theory

  3. Mobs and governments dictating science is not something new. The Church had a lot of control over what could be discovered. Galileo’s championing of Copernican heliocentrism (Earth rotating daily and revolving around the sun) was met with opposition from within the Catholic Church and from some astronomers. They concluded that heliocentrism was foolish, absurd, and heretical since it contradicted Holy Scripture. In Nazi Germany, bogus science was approved by the government, the “Aryan Supremacy” theory, the stupid theory which categorized humans based on who the Nazis like. According to them, the much closer to home Jews were subhumans but the Japanese were “honorary Aryans”. It just suited their narrative, the same thing that is happening today, science which suits social narrative comes out through proper channels, the other science has to somehow make it through anonymous researchers and nonmainstream people.3

We cannot bend discoveries to fit social constructs, we have to change social constructs to fit science. We aren’t doing any good hiding the truth from people.